The Human Hoist was a leap forward in ergonomically positioning our worker's to the work in the best way possible while eliminating the safety risks associated with typical creeper use.  It has greatly improved the safety of our shop for the applications it has been applied to.  The staff at Human Hoist are great to work with and have an amazing, innovative product with a variety of industrial applications!  I would highly recommend this product!  ~ Mack Truck 


Our operators working on the Square Baler main assembly line are required to conduct some assembly activities on an everyday creeper. This has caused multiple ergonomic issues for the operator. The individual faced 20 High Risk Ergonomic issue when setting / assembling the plunger rails due to having to get on his knees in order to lay down on a creeper. This is required in order to work under the baler when performing the mentioned activities. Some examples of the ergonomic activities are flexion angle of the waist, flexion angle of the knee and working Range > 90 degrees. 

Looking for solutions, we identified that the Human Hoist Chair was a perfect fit. It allowed the operator to comfortably sit on the chair while performing activities on the top of the baler. The chair as well flawlessly allow him to transition from a sitting position to a horizontal position in order to assemble underneath the baler. The chair allows the operator to choose their height as needed as well as the angle of their head with the adjustable headrest. 

The results of implementing this chair were highly beneficial for the operator. It has promoted a healthier working environment and ensured the ergonomic safety for our valued employees. It has also improved productivity in the area as the operator can now get under the baler and back up at a much faster rate. Discussing with the operator he is very happy with the product, he has expressed great gratitude for the equipment as mentioned, “It makes my work much easier!”

We are moving onto additional high risk ergonomic issues within the plant and looking forward to receiving our second Human Hoist Chair for our Round Baler line.  ~ Alex Campeau  CNH Industrial